Sizing is just a number

Sizing is just a number

Bridal sizing isn’t like regular clothing. While you might be size 8-10 in jeans, You may be size 10-12 in a wedding dress, if you’re a size 14-16, you’re likely a 18-20.  Don’t worry about it–sizing is just a number!

There are two sizes to consider when buying a wedding dress:

  1. The size on the dress label.
  2. The dress owner’s “street” size – this is the size the you would purchase most often if shopping at stores

Wedding dress label sizing varies greatly among designers,

See Our Sizing Charts here

You should buy a dress within your size range. It is much easier to take a dress in a size or two than to try and let it out. However  most manufacturers  leave 1-2″ of materials to allow for letting a dress out.

If a dress does not fit when you receive it you will not be able to return it for a refund.

How to measure yourself



Bust is measured by wrapping the measuring tape around the fullest part of the breast, under the arms, and around the back. The tape should not be pulled tight


Measure the smallest part of your waist. Note that this is not top of your pants. It should be about halfway between your hips and your breasts.


Measure at the fullest point around the bottom and thighs


Measure from your collar bone to ground, all extra got heel height


Finding the perfect wedding dress


It is good to have an idea of what you like, it becomes less overwhelming

Off-the-rail/sample dresses, means buying that dress as seen on the day, which suits brides on a short timeline or with a set budget

Brides should make an appointment  when they want to come and try on dresses. If they’re not ready to say yes, then their dream dress might be bought up by another bride.”



Check out our website ,it’s the perfect place to source some inspiration. You can get a sense of what is available and what you are drawn to in terms of shape, details, and fabric.  You may like an open back, sweetheart neckline or elaborate beading.  Browsing online can help you, so that you’re not totally overwhelmed when you first step into our store with countless choices.”

Screenshot your favourite dresses, look for similarities among all your favourites, show us your list. It really helps us when a bride comes in with pictures so that we can get inspiration from her and help guide her search.

Doing this makes choosing your dress much easier.  Finding a dress in harmony with your personal style and vibe will make you that much more comfortable on your big day.


Try on a few silhouettes so that you can choose one that feels the most like you and fits your personal style.  Perhaps it is the princess shape or the sexy fit-and-flare. You won’t know until you try it on.  Note how the dress fits your body type and whether it’s accentuating your best features and de-emphasizing your insecurities.

If you have a narrow waist and not a fan of your hips, then an A-line shape might be the best fit for you. There are no golden rules for this. You know you have the right dress when you feel confident and beautiful, the way  you’ll want to feel on your wedding day.

Colour is important

The colour of your dress, as the silhouette enhances your shape. The right colour can nicely accentuate and complement your skin tone. For example, white dresses may wash out those with fair skin, so those brides might look for something with a warmer ivory tone.

Be Yourself

Your dress needs to represent you. Buying your dream dress is an emotional decision, so you should shop feeling like the best version of you, to get a true picture   of how you feel in the dresses. It will also help you picture how you’ll look in the dress on the big day. Stay true to yourself.  If you favour clean lines and solids, look for a minimalist gown, or if you love quirky, retro styles, beeline for vintage-inspired designs. Confine the entourage to one or two trusted pals or family members with good taste. Remember it is you who will be wearing the dress, so go with your gut feeling, you will know, when you have the right dress

A final note, when you’re finally ready to say yes, doesn’t be afraid to do so. As long as it feels right and you feel like the best version of you, then go for it. It might feel like the long-anticipated search is over, but you have found your perfect dress, leaving you with more time to sort out the countless other details of the big day.

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